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SugarFunge is a blockchain-based protocol built on Substrate that empowers communities, games, and apps with the necessary infrastructure to build their own economies and model their business logic in a privately-owned ecosystem. Empowering your business assets with minting, crafting and trading mechanics.

We bring a whole new approach to NFTs. We have reimagined what's possible, making it easy for companies to create and manage Web3 economies.

White Label Decentralized
Exchange for Digital Asset

Enable your application with our powerful trading tools built with the purpose of connecting company operations on the blockchain using NFT technology to simulate business logic in a decentralized way.

The SugarFunge Dex is a highly customizable and fully decentralized peer-to-peer digital asset exchange platform, which provides a modular tool set that  will enable companies to build custom enterprise level decentralized applications more quickly and efficiently. 
Upgrade your stature in the industry, with our professional interface, powerful matching engine, automated market makers, integrated wallets, advanced security measures and flexible governance.

Exchange Engine

The exchange rate component of The SugarFunge Protocol is our bread and butter. It provides a unique way of applying value to NFTs. This tool is what sets the rate to an assets tradability or exchangeability.

Exchange rates create an assets tradability, but there are specific conditions that cannot be encoded into a smart contract that need to be defined on the applicationLayer. We have made it possible for projects to apply unlimited value to digital assets, therefore unlocking its true potential in your ecosystem.

Build your next DApp with

The exchange rate component of The SugarFunge Protocol is our bread and butter. It provides a unique way of applying value to NFTs. This tool is what sets the rate to an assets tradability or exchangeability.

Exchange rates create an assets tradability, but there are specific conditions that cannot be encoded into a smart contract that need to be defined on the applicationLayer. We have made it possible for projects to apply unlimited value to digital assets, therefore unlocking its true potential in your ecosystem.

What is SugarFunge?

A Blockchain Protocol for Dapps that operate private economies.

The SugarFunge Protocol allows you to model your business logic in a privately-owned economy without the complexity of building and maintaining your own blockchain infrastructure. Empowering your business assets with minting, crafting and trading mechanics.

Next-Gen NFTs

Next-Gen NFTs

Breaking the boundaries of ordinary NFTs by encoding powerful dynamics and custom characteristics that give more value to users and options to developers.

Moving Beyong Gaming and Collectibles

Moving Beyond Gaming and Collectibles

Bringing the power of tokenization to multiple asset types in private economies, that will help projects expand their use of blockchain in their Dapps.

Substrate Based Blockchain for Web3

Substrate Based Blockchain for Web3 Economies

Our architecture builds upon Substrate, a modular framework that enables the creation of purpose-built blockchains and Dapps for Web3.

Cross Chain Compatibility

Cross Chain Compatibility

Trustless cross-chain bridges help us to bring any blockchain token into SugarFunge in a non-custodial and trustless manner.

Asset Types

There are many types of digital assets. Digital assets is a term that describes any assets in a digital form. Crypto assets are digital assets that utilize the technology behind cryptocurrencies.

The SugarFunge Protocol can interact with any type of crypto asset. We have gone beyond standard digital assets and have created new ways to categorize and interrelate with purpose built assets.

The SugarFunge minting tool is designed to help users tokenize multiple asset types.

Fungible Assets

Fungible Assets are crypto-based assets that are interchangeable for commercial purposes and the properties of which are identical.

Many blockchain powered ecosystems use this asset type to establish platform governance, generate liquidity, and incentivize their communities. 

Proof of ownership assets

The proof of ownership is an asset type that encodes special characteristics to the NFTs smart contract, that can be used to tokenize things like user credentials, certificates, permissions and memberships.

Creating truly decentralized mechanics for authentication.

Vault Assets

Vault Assets are  used to secure and hide asset bundles such as (surprise gifts, escrow, secrets, raffles. Gacha Mechanics)

Create true value for your community by applying gamification techniques.

Non-Fungible Assets

An NFT is a verifiable digital token that represents true ownership of an asset on the blockchain. These assets are unique and therefore are not mutually interchangeable.

The SugarFunge minting tool allows for tokenizing assets on the blockchain.

Live Assets

Live Assets or Mutable Assets are dynamic NFTs that react to triggers and/or change over time. (Melt, evaporate, die, combine, vest)

The special characteristics of this asset type provides an ideal solution for blockchain powered games and real time applications.

Bundled Assets

Bundled assets are algebraic asset types. Structured assets that are formed by composing other asset types.

A good example of a bundled asset would be a user's inventory. The inventory is unique and it is composed of multiple NFTs.

Exchange Engine

The exchange rate component of The SugarFunge Protocol provides a unique way of applying value to NFTs. This tool is what sets the rate to an asset's tradability or exchangeability.

We have made it possible for projects to apply unlimited value to digital assets, therefore unlocking its true potential in your ecosystem.

Exchange rates are based on asset bundle pairs; not just simple asset pairs. This improves upon traditional exchanges that fail to capture restrictions, requirements, externality costs, combo offers, proof of ownership, etc; as part of a transaction.

This sophisticated exchange system can model:


A crafting system is the collection of game mechanics which enable players/users to create virtual objects within a game, with SugarFunge this same logic can be applied to other operations within your private economy.

Skill /
leveling trees

Skill/Leveling trees are maps where each profession or role defines a set of abilities that are meaningful and sorts them out by increased skill level and refinement, interconnecting them when one is a prerequisite for another.

Dense rewards for
reinforcement learning

Apply a decentralized, secure and auditable solution for exchanging, and authenticating information via transactions, without the need of a trusted third party.


The blockchain is an emerging technology that allows multiple parties to agree on a common state without the need for trusted intermediaries.

Allows for the modeling and execution of blockchain-based interactions within business processes.


On a blockchain-based government model, individuals, businesses, and governments share resources over a distributed ledger secured using cryptography. This structure eliminates a single point of failure and inherently protects sensitive citizen and government data.


Blockchain architecture allows you to collect information from various service providers into one cryptographically secure and unchanging database that does not need a third party to verify the authenticity of the knowledge

“We make it easy for projects to integrate blockchain to power their business operations and bring real value to their users.”

Blockchain for Simulating Permissioned Economies

The blockchains that non-fungible tokens live on give actual users no incentives (other than the prices rising), because miners are given the full share of generated tokens. Prices rise, infrastructure companies create silos and paywalls, and it becomes difficult to make real progress in this industry - unless we can unify the community and think a bit differently.

SugarFunge is built to solve these problems.

Unlike many other blockchain technologies, our stack is constantly simulating the economy, triggering spatial, timed and flow events. Not only is it bot-friendly, but automation is encouraged. Ideal for research, persistent games, automated market makers (AMMs). The end goal is to optimize for a continuous, interactive and provably fair economics simulation.

How it

SugarFunge architecture is built upon Substrate, a modular framework that enables the creation of purpose-built blockchains by composing custom or pre-built components. Substrate leverages strongly-typed systems for modeling the application domain.The private chain needs only to serve the community, thus, there is no need for gas, or network fees. Different governance models can incentivize proper resource utilizations. Consensus is based on Proof of Authority.

Customer Facing Applications
The SugarFunge Dex
Powerful APIs
Runtime Environment
Runtime Development
Concensus Protocols
On-Chain Governance
Off-Chain Storage
Cross-Chain Liquidity
Polkadot Parachain

Uses Cases

Our mission is to pave the way for the next generate of NFTs. True decentralization of the web can never be achieved unless standard digital assets are tokenized. We share the values of the Web3 Foundation, and believe that NFT Technology plays a huge roll in the distribution of authentic and transparent digital ownership.

SugarFunge is a blockchain protocol that pushes the limits of what is currently possible, by empowering your business assets with minting, crafting, and advanced trading mechanics.


The Metaverse could fundamentally change the way we interact with the digital world. It is a collective virtual experience which could bring new opportunities to creators, gamers and artists in the same way NFTs have, not just by reshaping the creator economy, but inventing it anew. Verifiable, immutable ownership of digital goods and currency will be an essential component of the metaverse. With SugarFunge, developers have access to high-level purpose built functionalities for connecting their Metaverse project to a blockchain which is specifically design with them in mind.

Massive Multiplayer Online Games

Implementing blockchain technology in MMOs could highly benefit independent game developers. It has the potential to be a democratizing factor by providing a decentralized network for multiplayer functionality hosting, and could be a key ingredient to building better gaming communities through collaboration. By combining the tools provided by The SugarFunge Protocol, independent game developers might be able to create multiplayer experiences that are as engaging and immersive as Triple-A publishers without incurring the prohibitive production costs.

Delivery, Mobility and Logistics Markets

There is a huge and undiscovered potential of implementing blockchain technologies in the Supply Chain Management and Transportation Industries. One of the primary reasons to the lack of adoption in this space is due to insufficient added value of the technology. SugarFunge makes it highly possible, because the nature of the blockchain is to consistently simulate economies. Similar to the concept of digital twins, supply chain and transportation companies can apply business logic and value to their digital assets for better decision making and automation of specific operations.

Esports and Entertainment

Take your Esports/Digital Entertainment platform to the next level by connecting to the SugarFunge Blockchain. Become a leader in your space by introducing new and exciting features that will motivate your community to engage with your products and culture. Distribution of true digital ownership and dynamic user reward systems are quickly becoming the future of eSports and Digital Entertainment consumption.  SugarFunge is the gateway to applying gamification mechanics to your ecosystem, and providing more value in the form of digital goods.

Gig Economies

It is estimated that the global Gig Economy will be worth 350 billion dollars by the end of 2021. Too often the gig economy has been tagged as the future of work. In reality, that future is already here and quickly evolving. There are many challenges that can still be resolved, many freelancers from around the world don’t have the same access to financial technologies as the ones from more developed countries. Some have expressed to be troubled by the transactions fees involved with currency conversions, withdrawals and platform commissions. With SugarFunge, Gig Economy platforms can implement new innovative forms of payment using digital currencies.

User Generated Content Markets

The Next Generation of NFTs has to do with finding new applications to the technology, and moving away from collectibles. It’s about decentralizing a users control of their own data and digital identity. UGC is exciting and is creating all sorts of new revenue opportunities for brands and individuals alike, yet three primary obstacles remain in the way: Middlemen, Immediacy, and Copyright. With SugarFunge, new emerging UGC projects can use the runtime development to encode smart contracts that will help solve this obstacles and create the next innovative social platform.

Public Permissioned Economies

A Public-Permissioned blockchain network combines the permissioning from private consortiums with a decentralized governance model, trying to achieve the best properties of both models. This is done in order to obtain features required for the implementation of many important use cases that can not fit in any of the other two models.Such examples could include things like public services of a country, where the access to the services are publicly accessible however there is certain rules that apply in order to maintain control. The internet is a form of a public-permissioned network. SugarFunge is a blockchain protocol that is built for permissioned economies, whether that be public or private. 

Exchange Platforms

The global cryptocurrency market has grown by 2,000% since 2019, it is expected to continue growing rapidly and with it, the ever increasing need for means of exchanging and trading. There are many types of traditional exchange platforms, SugarFunge has developed a decentralized exchange engine where objects are assets and morphisms are rates, creating a mathematical formalization for an exchange (assets, accounts, rates and transactions). Companies can use as a market exchange simulator, applying value to digital assets/twins which automate the operation of real-world process or stick to traditional trading systems.

IOT Fleet and Robot Swarms

Swarms of robots will revolutionize many industrial applications, from targeted material delivery to precision farming. However, several of the heterogeneous characteristics that make them ideal for certain future applications hinder the evolution of the technology. Blockchain, demonstrates that by combining peer-to-peer networks with cryptographic algorithms a group of agents can reach an agreement on a particular state of affairs and record that agreement without the need for a controlling authority. The SugarFunge Exchange Rate component can be used to apply these algorithms to agents easily and efficiently.

Affiliation and Loyalty Programs

Blockchain has the potential to improve affiliation and loyalty programs for both companies and consumers. Where is the value? Transparency, Security, Cost Reduction, and Increased Flexibility. American Express is a good example of a real world implementation of a company using blockchain smart contracts for their customer loyalty program. SugarFunge is a blockchain that can be used by developers to provide their consumers with such values seamlessly. 

Curation, Rewards and Royalty Systems

In a sign of the increasing mainstream popularity of distributed ledger technology in the media space, Spotify recently announced its acquihire of  a blockchain technology company to help it reward online content owners with royalty payments. Smart contracts, implemented via software, allow music royalties to be administered almost instantaneously. Areas such as licensing rights management, removing intermediaries and addressing privacy problems can all be addressed through the implementation of blockchain.

Transforming the way businesses exchange digital assets

SugarFunge is a decentralized blockchain protocol, purpose-built to redefine what NFTs are – and what they can do.

At SugarFunge we strive to help companies create Web3 economies for NFTs by building solutions for secure digital ownership of unique digital or real assets.We make it easy for projects to integrate blockchain to power their business operations and bring real value to their users.

While blockchains have demonstrated great promise in several fields—Internet ofThings (IoT), finance, governance, identity management, web decentralization, and asset-tracking to name a few—design limitations in previous systems have largely hindered large-scale adoption.

The SugarFunge Protocol design offers several distinct advantages over existing and legacy networks, including heterogeneous sharding, scalability, upgradeability, transparent governance and cross-chain composability.

“Next-Generation Blockchain for NFTs”

The adoption of non-fungible tokens among individuals and companies across the world is growing at an increasing, thrilling pace.

While we already live in a blockchain-enabled world, utilizing NFTs has historically been difficult due to cost barriers, disorganized ecosystems, poor user experience and technical limitations. 

Our vision is to build a scalable, cross-chain token network that would make creating, using and trading NFTs far more advanced, unique, accessible, affordable and faster, thereby significantly increasing the volume of trade and adoption. 

This would enable NFTs to be utilized by virtually any industry, potentially unlocking trillions of dollars in currently illiquid and unique real-world and digital assets.

“Next-Generation Blockchain for NFTs”

Benefits of

Polkadot enables cross-blockchain transfers of any type of data or asset, not just tokens. Connecting to Polkadot gives you the ability to interoperate with a wide variety of blockchains in the Polkadot network.


A cornerstone technology of blockchain interoperability is the blockchain bridge. Blockchain bridges are ways for two economically sovereign and technologically diverse chains to communicate with each other. Our main liquidity outlet is an Ethereum Bridge. A light Ethereum client embedded in our custom blockchain to bridge with MainNet. 


Parachains are specialized blockchains that connect to Polkadot. They will have characteristics specialized for their use cases and the ability to control their own governance.

Interactions on parachains are processed in parallel, enabling highly scalable systems.Transactions can be spread out across the chains, allowing many more transactions to be processed in the same period of time.

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

We are highly specialized team trained in the latest cutting edge technologies.

At SugarFunge we specialize in creating high-level enterprise blockchain solutions.

SugarFunge is an official member of the Substrate Builders Program.

The Future of NFTs

White Label DEX for Digital Assets

The SugarFunge Dex is a highly customizable and fully decentralized peer-to-peer digital asset exchange platform, which provides a modular tool set that  will enable companies to build custom enterprise level decentralized applications more quickly and efficiently.
Enable your application with our power trading tools.

SugarFunge Protocol Architecture

Blockchain Protocol

The SugarFunge API comes with everything you need to connect or build your next decentralized application. Empower your business assets with minting, crafting and trading mechanics without the limitations presented by other blockchain protocols. Leveraging the tool set and functionalities provided by Substrate, our approach is unique and high performing.

Helping teams built on SugarFunge

Decentralized Application Development

- UI/UX for Blockchain Projects
- Front End Web Development
- Mobile App Development
- Back-End Development
- DevOps and Infrastructure Support
- Wallet Development
- Games and Simulation Development

Building Connections to Polkadot and Kusama

Parachain and Tokenomics Development

We at SugarFunge are globally recognized for development on Substrate, and have several years of professional and technical experience in initiating Polkadot based parachains and custom tokenomics development. Three major principles in developing a parachain on Polkadot are decentralization, scalability and security.

Professional. Trustworthy. Secure.

Quality Assurance

We understand the value of providing high quality and functional products snd services. With multidisciplinary capabilities at hand, we make sure the solutions built by our team or 3rd-party vendor function as expected, are convenient to use, and scale flexibly along with your business. 

Transparency and Integrity

Though we are tech-geeks, human values are paramount to us. We believe in mutual trust and respect as the key components of productive business relationships - you can count on an honest and respectful partner in SugarFunge. As a software application development experts, we keep your needs in focus at all times.


Our team brings forth over 20 years of experience developing complex, versatile and industry leading software solutions. We apply our industry knowledge and our extensive technology stack to help your company build high performing and innovative blockchain-based  products that will help place you ahead of the competition.

Continuous Innovation

At SugarFunge we are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. The world of technology is changing every single day and business moves fast. We always keep an open mind for testing new technologies, so that you can leverage our expertise to move ahead of the competition. We’ll help you make the right tech decisions and harness innovations.

Resquest a Consultation

Tell us about your project. We are excited to work with you. Our representatives will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your project requirements. 

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Alex Rozgo

Simulation Scientist, VR/AR/XR Developer
and Blockchain Systems Engineer

Co-Founder & CTO

Alex is a simulation scientist for U.S. Air Force and DARPA projects, where he creates virtual worlds and digital twins where humans and robots can train. Winner of Epic Mega Grants for leading a 3D Engine and AI platform that helps businesses integrate interactive real-time technologies and computer vision into their products.

Alex Rozgo was an early blockchain adopter and an original contributor to core EOS blockchain; since then, has made blockchain an integral part of his private and open-source work. Has used blockchain to model robot swarms resource provisioning, game economies and digital asset management systems.

Victor Amaya

Blockchain Specialist, Product Development
Lead and Operations Engineer

Co-Founder & Business Director

Victor is a product development expert having led the delivery of multiple complex software platforms, including some in the VR/AR, blockchain, and logistics industry. He has overseen development operations on a global scale, having worked with developers and operation teams from Asia, Europe, India, North and South America.

Victors' business acumen and forward-thinking mentality has made it possible for him to engage with stakeholders across multiple industries and locations. His experience in blockchain has led him to find new use cases and application to solve complex and real-world problems.

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